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Who Makes The Best Gluten Free Bagel in NYC?

Modern Bread & Bagel – The Best Gluten Free Bagel?

I ordered from Modern Bread & Bagel with the intention of reviewing their gluten free goods, but I think this is going to turn into the Best Gluten free Bagel review. Continue reading “Who Makes The Best Gluten Free Bagel in NYC?”

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10 Great Unique Bars to Visit in Cardiff, Wales

The Bars You Need to Visit in Cardiff, Wales!

When I travel I know I love to see the bar scene.  And I know from my Studying Abroad Experience that not all bars are created equal, and Cardiff, Wales is the perfect example of this. There are so many bars, and not only are there a lot of options, but every bar is so different! 

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stretches for runners

10 Amazing Essential Stretches to be a Better Runner

Stretches For Runners

Overall, stretching in any exercise program is super important. But when it comes to running, stretching prevents injury, helps with that post run pain, soreness, and ultimately makes you a better and stronger runner. Here are the essential stretches for runners that you should be doing.

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Review of the Completely Gluten Free Krumville Bake Shop

Krumville Bake Shop: Celiac Safe!

The Krumville Bake Shop was a complete surprise to find! I’m always looking for completely gluten free bakery options! Finding one is hard enough and to find a few is amazing!

Krumville is a completely dedicated gluten free kitchen, with the owner being Celiac herself! It’s nice to know that fun fact. I feel like I like this place more because of it. I definitely trust them more that’s for sure.

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run with amber running for beginners

How to Really Start Running and Love It for Beginners!

Running For Beginners: An Honest Guide

I know it can seem overwhelming when you decide that you’d like to start running. You may have run years and years ago, or maybe this might be your first time considering running ever. This Running for Beginners Guide is for those folk who want to know an honest way on where to start.

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posh pop bakeshop gluten free bakery

The Fabulous Gluten Free Posh Pop Bakeshop

I Can’t Believe Posh Pop Bakeshop is Gluten Free!

I’m always on the hunt for gluten free bakeries and NYC is like the bottomless abyss of treasures when it comes to the gluten free world. When I find a bakery with a few good gluten free items I am elated, but when I find a bakery entirely gluten free?! I feel like I’ve won the jackpot! Posh Pop Bakeshop is an entirely gluten free bakery and it really spoils us celiac, and gluten sensitive folk with such a variety of gluten free desserts.

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house and Giant Sequoia at Sequoia Crest

3 Unexpected Peaceful Places to Marvel at Giant Sequoias

Where to See Giant Sequoias in Peace

Giant Sequoias are largely sought after trees. They are unlike any other tree, and you can’t find them just anywhere. These majestic giants are tourist attractions and when you finally reach them there can be some big crowds. I have 3 peaceful places you can be right next to them all by yourself.

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Senza Gluten baked Goods

How Good are the Gluten Free Treats from Senza Gluten?

My Review of Senza Gluten Bakery

Being a person with Celiac Disease once we go gluten free it is very hard to find really good, tasty, satisfying treats. I use to eat a croissant everyday! How I miss those delicious, buttery, little guys. I’m always on the hunt for places that have a variety of gluten free baked goods, and I have to dig deeper to find the places that are exclusively a gluten free kitchen – where all they make is gluten free food. Senza Gluten is one of those places where regular wheat flour doesn’t even enter their place of business!

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My Fascinating Experience in Goa, India as an American Woman

An American Woman in Goa, India

There’s just something about India that drew me in, the colors, the way the women wear their jewelry, the saris, how they dance, and it could have been the glamour and mystery of the Hindu religion. I always had India as a place I wanted to visit, and I very much admired the people of India. India is a country unlike any other. I feel lucky to have visited there, and to have visited with someone that was a local. I saw India for all it’s beauty and for all it’s prejudices. Here’s what it’s like for an American woman in Goa, India.

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Social Distancing for Runners

Running and Social Distancing

When Governor Cuomo said “If you want to go on a run, God bless you.” Music to my running ears! How do we go about going for our runs during this time of social distancing? Here’s how to go about running when we have to worry about social distancing.

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What You Can Do on a Staycation!

Can’t travel? Well, let’s start your Staycation!

Sometimes you can’t always go on your dream vacation to a nice beach or that lovely historic city with so much charm. You’re stuck at home. And that sucks, but let’s make the best of your staycation! Here are some ideas for you to spend your time at home wisely.

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cardiff, wales

A Weekend in Cardiff, Wales

Visiting Cardiff, Wales!

I know it is the goal of many people to visit London, England one day. It’s sort of like the goal to one day visit NYC. You MUST go to NYC when you’re in the States, right? But there are more places in the USA than just New York City. As poor as an analogy as that is I felt extremely lucky to cross the pond to visit London, but came back a happier person because I visited Cardiff, Wales. I got to see a different side to the UK. I was able to breathe the best fresh smelling air I ever have, and I fell in love with the beauty of everything Cardiff.

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introvert Travel

Introverts Travel with Others?

Introverts Travel with Others?

Whoa, whoa, whoa…introverts going on group trips? Yes! Yes, we do. Introverts travel with others.  I, myself identify as being an introvert and have gone on groups trips, and let me say it can be a very difficult and tiring experience. I advocate for solo traveling all the way. And I believe everyone should try it. Some people are very scared to travel alone, but I prefer it! Here’s how an introvert can navigate traveling with others, and how to break it to folks when they want to do it alone.

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How to Travel for Free

Free Travel?

Travel for Free? Yes! It’s possible. I know because I did it! Not only will I share with you my personal experience on how I traveled for free, but I will add in some other ways that I have found have worked out for others.

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travel goals

Ways to Achieve Your 2020 Travel Goals

Travel Goals for 2020

Travel goals always show up in people’s New Year resolutions. Whether it’s to travel more, travel farther, travel internationally, or maybe to finally travel for the first time out of their hometown! How do we keep those travel promises to ourselves? Well, I’m here to help! Here are some ways you can keep those travel goals within reach!

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