stretches for runners

10 Amazing Essential Stretches to be a Better Runner

Stretches For Runners

Overall, stretching in any exercise program is super important. But when it comes to running, stretching prevents injury, helps with that post run pain, soreness, and ultimately makes you a better and stronger runner. Here are the essential stretches for runners that you should be doing.

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run with amber running for beginners

How to Really Start Running and Love It for Beginners!

Running For Beginners: An Honest Guide

I know it can seem overwhelming when you decide that you’d like to start running. You may have run years and years ago, or maybe this might be your first time considering running ever. This Running for Beginners Guide is for those folk who want to know an honest way on where to start.

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social distancing park

Social Distancing for Runners

Running and Social Distancing

When Governor Cuomo said “If you want to go on a run, God bless you.” Music to my running ears! How do we go about going for our runs during this time of social distancing? Here’s how to go about running when we have to worry about social distancing.

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run with amber yosemite half marathon

Yosemite Half Marathon: My Road Trip Adventure

Running the Yosemite Half Marathon

As an east coast gal, I was excited to run in California, I signed up for the Vacation Races Yosemite Half Marathon. I hadn’t been to California in soooo many years. We’re talking 9 years!  I managed to make this whole Yosemite Half Marathon thing a whole week trip.  I stayed in 4 different places, 3 Airbnbs, 1 hostel, and I drove around in 1 dope ass rental car.

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run with amber running scared

Don’t Run in Fear

Running Scared

As a woman who runs, being scared to run is something that crosses my mind now and then. How do we stay safe as female runners? Why do I feel like every day there’s a new report out there that a woman jogger got murdered, raped, or assaulted? We can’t stop running out of the fear that the worst COULD possibly happen. Don’t run in fear.

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Considered a runner

When Are You Considered a Runner?

When Are You Considered a Runner?

I’m not sure if other people go through the struggle of wondering if they are considered a runner or not, but I do. Of course there are different levels to being a runner, but once you start running, aren’t you a runner? I think it should be as simple as that, but in the community I don’t think it is. Let’s lay it out.

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Runners Fall – It Will Happen to You. My London Spill

Falling. It will happen

It’s pretty much the worst nightmare of a runner. Falling. It will happen. And it will happen to you! It really is the worst when you fall. It’s not even about it being embarrassing. As a runner I know my first worry is did I injure anything?! A fall means a possible injury. An injury means no running. No running for a runner makes a miserable person. Telling me I can’t run? What? No! My relationship with taking a tumble is kind of like visiting the family at holidays. I know it will occur at least once a year.

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