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10 Great Unique Bars to Visit in Cardiff, Wales

The Bars You Need to Visit in Cardiff, Wales!

When I travel I know I love to see the bar scene.  And I know from my Studying Abroad Experience that not all bars are created equal, and Cardiff, Wales is the perfect example of this. There are so many bars, and not only are there a lot of options, but every bar is so different! 

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A Weekend in Cardiff, Wales

Visiting Cardiff, Wales!

I know it is the goal of many people to visit London, England one day. It’s sort of like the goal to one day visit NYC. You MUST go to NYC when you’re in the States, right? But there are more places in the USA than just New York City. As poor as an analogy as that is I felt extremely lucky to cross the pond to visit London, but came back a happier person because I visited Cardiff, Wales. I got to see a different side to the UK. I was able to breathe the best fresh smelling air I ever have, and I fell in love with the beauty of everything Cardiff.

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