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Introverts Travel with Others?

Introverts Travel with Others?

Whoa, whoa, whoa…introverts going on group trips? Yes! Yes, we do. Introverts travel with others.  I, myself identify as being an introvert and have gone on groups trips, and let me say it can be a very difficult and tiring experience. I advocate for solo traveling all the way. And I believe everyone should try it. Some people are very scared to travel alone, but I prefer it! Here’s how an introvert can navigate traveling with others, and how to break it to folks when they want to do it alone.

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Mendenhall Glaier

How to Travel for Free

Free Travel?

Travel for Free? Yes! It’s possible. I know because I did it! Not only will I share with you my personal experience on how I traveled for free, but I will add in some other ways that I have found have worked out for others.

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Ways to Achieve Your 2020 Travel Goals

Travel Goals for 2020

Travel goals always show up in people’s New Year resolutions. Whether it’s to travel more, travel farther, travel internationally, or maybe to finally travel for the first time out of their hometown! How do we keep those travel promises to ourselves? Well, I’m here to help! Here are some ways you can keep those travel goals within reach!

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Save on flights

The Best Ways to Save on Flights

Ways to Save on Flights

Traveling can get expensive, and usually the biggest chunk is the flight costs. There are a lot of tricks, websites, and planning tips folks can implement to find the best way to save money on flights so they can put that money to use in other areas like drinks! Ok, maybe not all drinks, but more money for fun!

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