house and Giant Sequoia at Sequoia Crest

3 Unexpected Peaceful Places to Marvel at Giant Sequoias

Where to See Giant Sequoias in Peace

Giant Sequoias are largely sought after trees. They are unlike any other tree, and you can’t find them just anywhere. These majestic giants are tourist attractions and when you finally reach them there can be some big crowds. I have 3 peaceful places you can be right next to them all by yourself.

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run with amber yosemite half marathon

Yosemite Half Marathon: My Road Trip Adventure

Running the Yosemite Half Marathon

As an east coast gal, I was excited to run in California, I signed up for the Vacation Races Yosemite Half Marathon. I hadn’t been to California in soooo many years. We’re talking 9 years!  I managed to make this whole Yosemite Half Marathon thing a whole week trip.  I stayed in 4 different places, 3 Airbnbs, 1 hostel, and I drove around in 1 dope ass rental car.

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Not All Airbnbs are Created Equal

The Airbnb Reality

Airbnb took the traveling community by storm with their cheaper prices, and their cozy digs, but not all Airbnb’s are created equal! My recent trip to California, this past May, I stayed in several Airbnb’s and each one felt so different from the last. I had all types of experiences, warm welcomes, to just feeling like I hit up my nearest motel on the highway. What makes the difference between a great Airbnb, and a “just okay” Airbnb stay?

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