gluten free bagel

Who Makes The Best Gluten Free Bagel in NYC?

Modern Bread & Bagel – The Best Gluten Free Bagel?

I ordered from Modern Bread & Bagel with the intention of reviewing their gluten free goods, but I think this is going to turn into the Best Gluten free Bagel review. Continue reading “Who Makes The Best Gluten Free Bagel in NYC?”

run with amber krumville bake shop

Review of the Completely Gluten Free Krumville Bake Shop

Krumville Bake Shop: Celiac Safe!

The Krumville Bake Shop was a complete surprise to find! I’m always looking for completely gluten free bakery options! Finding one is hard enough and to find a few is amazing!

Krumville is a completely dedicated gluten free kitchen, with the owner being Celiac herself! It’s nice to know that fun fact. I feel like I like this place more because of it. I definitely trust them more that’s for sure.

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posh pop bakeshop gluten free bakery

The Fabulous Gluten Free Posh Pop Bakeshop

I Can’t Believe Posh Pop Bakeshop is Gluten Free!

I’m always on the hunt for gluten free bakeries and NYC is like the bottomless abyss of treasures when it comes to the gluten free world. When I find a bakery with a few good gluten free items I am elated, but when I find a bakery entirely gluten free?! I feel like I’ve won the jackpot! Posh Pop Bakeshop is an entirely gluten free bakery and it really spoils us celiac, and gluten sensitive folk with such a variety of gluten free desserts.

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Senza Gluten baked Goods

How Good are the Gluten Free Treats from Senza Gluten?

My Review of Senza Gluten Bakery

Being a person with Celiac Disease once we go gluten free it is very hard to find really good, tasty, satisfying treats. I use to eat a croissant everyday! How I miss those delicious, buttery, little guys. I’m always on the hunt for places that have a variety of gluten free baked goods, and I have to dig deeper to find the places that are exclusively a gluten free kitchen – where all they make is gluten free food. Senza Gluten is one of those places where regular wheat flour doesn’t even enter their place of business!

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run with amber yosemite half marathon

Yosemite Half Marathon: My Road Trip Adventure

Running the Yosemite Half Marathon

As an east coast gal, I was excited to run in California, I signed up for the Vacation Races Yosemite Half Marathon. I hadn’t been to California in soooo many years. We’re talking 9 years!  I managed to make this whole Yosemite Half Marathon thing a whole week trip.  I stayed in 4 different places, 3 Airbnbs, 1 hostel, and I drove around in 1 dope ass rental car.

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Runners Fall – It Will Happen to You. My London Spill

Falling. It will happen

It’s pretty much the worst nightmare of a runner. Falling. It will happen. And it will happen to you! It really is the worst when you fall. It’s not even about it being embarrassing. As a runner I know my first worry is did I injure anything?! A fall means a possible injury. An injury means no running. No running for a runner makes a miserable person. Telling me I can’t run? What? No! My relationship with taking a tumble is kind of like visiting the family at holidays. I know it will occur at least once a year.

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Hello, I’m a Runner and I Have Celiacs

A Runner with Celiacs?

Being a runner with Celiacs can be a bit of a challenge, as I can’t follow the advice from all the great runner resources out there to a tee, but that doesn’t stop me. I can’t have that crazy big pasta dinner the night before a race, but I do get to enjoy all the rice and potatoes I want! 😀 Bring on the carbs! My journey with being Celiac is fairly new and sometimes difficult, but getting to the diagnosis was the real struggle.

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