Considered a runner

When Are You Considered a Runner?

When Are You Considered a Runner?

I’m not sure if other people go through the struggle of wondering if they are considered a runner or not, but I do. Of course there are different levels to being a runner, but once you start running, aren’t you a runner? I think it should be as simple as that, but in the community I don’t think it is. Let’s lay it out.

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Runners Fall – It Will Happen to You. My London Spill

Falling. It will happen

It’s pretty much the worst nightmare of a runner. Falling. It will happen. And it will happen to you! It really is the worst when you fall. It’s not even about it being embarrassing. As a runner I know my first worry is did I injure anything?! A fall means a possible injury. An injury means no running. No running for a runner makes a miserable person. Telling me I can’t run? What? No! My relationship with taking a tumble is kind of like visiting the family at holidays. I know it will occur at least once a year.

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